Tunnel Jet Racing: Help


Welcome to the help page for Tunnel Jet Racing (TJR). Please use the side menu to navigate around help sections. These help pages should give you a few hints on how to get the most out of playing TJR and information on option settings.

In Game Navigation

To aid navigation in the game the buttons you most likely want to press are highlighted, such as Enter Race on the main menu. From the main menu pressing Enter Race will take you to the race series selection page. On this page you will also be able to change racer from the standard TJR-MKIII if you have completed enough races to unlock new racers. Select a race series and you will be taken to a race selection page. When playing the series for the first time you will only be able to access up to the next race in the series, you can always access previously raced courses to practice or play again to improve your overall series result.

Once you have selected a race you can either press the Start Race to compete in that race or you can hit the Practice button on the side menu to access the practice menu. The practice menu allows you to practice that course with a different weapon, skill level and number of opponents. Simply hit the Race button on the side menu to return to the main race page which allows you to play the official race.

The Options button allows you to edit game options such as player name, skill level, controls, graphics and sound.

At the end of a race you will see the race summary, but you can access the full results showing all point placed racers by hitting the Full Results button and then the Standings button to access the overall series position for each racer.

Online Resources

Online resources, such as these help pages, can be accessed via the game. Whenever a button in the game says Online, a press of that button will open your internet browser and navigate to the appropriate funferret.com page. Online resources are used to provide help, game design credits and previews of new race series before download. See the Downloads section for information on new race series.