Tunnel Jet Racing

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funferret.com presents our debut game.

Tunnel Jet Racing is an arcade like flight simulator race game where you race in underground tunnels. Your only aim is to win races to qualify for ever more demanding race series.

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A shield protects your racer and allows you to collide with tunnel walls, which is handy since you'll find it hard not to. However, your speed will be sapped significantly with each collision hindering your race progress.

Non-lethal weapons are available to hinder your opponents, but good luck using them effectively. Tunnel Jet Racing gets so fast you'll be struggling to avoid bouncing around the tunnel walls.

Normal control of your racer is by tilting your phone or tablet. On screen buttons (shown below) allow you to control your speed and weapons.

Game Screen: Tunnel 3

Different styles of tunnel race courses are available with different challenges. Stalactites and stalagmites will challenge your flying abilities on some of the courses.

Game Screen: Tunnel 4 of series 2
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