Trench Racer: Help


Trench Racer, by default, is controlled via touch control which provides on screen buttons. Other control options can be reached via Options → Controls.

Touch Control

Select touch control by selecting the picture of the moving hand at the top of the Options → Controls screen, next to the Steering Control heading.

Touch control allows you to steer your trench racer craft by on screen touch buttons. By default a small analog steering pad will be available, but you can substitute this with a larger steering pad or left/right buttons via Options → Screen.

Steering Sensitivity

Move the steering sensitivity slider to the right to increase the rate at which your craft will move left and right relative to pressing the steering buttons/pad.

The maximum steering rate is limited by your crafts maneuverability, this will increase as you acquire better craft throughout the game.

Weapon Aiming

Trench Racer allows you some control over the aiming of your weapons. With touch control you have an aiming pad, when touched your weapon is activated and will continue to fire until you remove your finger from the pad.

Where you place your finger on the aiming pad determines in which direction your weapon fires. Hitting the top of the pad will fire your weapon upwards allowing you to attack craft flying above you.

Invert Weapon Aiming Y-Axis

When Invert Weapon Aiming Y-Axis is on, the bottom of the aiming pad needs to be hit to fire your weapon upwards.


Options → Screen allows you control over the placement and size of on screen controls. It also allows you to change the small steering pad to a larger pad or left and right buttons. A large steering pad allows fine control of steering, but may be difficult to use at the same time as weapon firing controls.

Weapon Control Panel Size: This slider controls the size of the weapon aiming pad and, if you have selected to use a small steering pad, it will control the width of your steering pad.

Other Button Size: This slider controls the size of all the other on screen buttons available in game play.

Padding: Bottom and side padding sliders are available to control the distance between on screen buttons and the bottom and side of your screen to optimise comfort.

Swap: Various swap buttons are available to swap the positions of on screen controls and allow you to move each control into which ever screen corner you would prefer for that control.

Steering Pad / Buttons: The bottom button toggles the steering control between left/right buttons, a small analog steering pad and a large analog steering pad.