Trench Racer: Help

Game Controllers

Trench Racer supports most game controllers and flight sticks. If a game controller/flight stick is connected to your device you can use it for game control by selecting the picture of the tilting controller stick at the top of the Options → Controls screen, next to the Steering Control heading.

iPhones and iPads will be configured with a default setup, android devices will need the controller to be configured. All controls are configurable on the Options → Controls page.

A small hand will be displayed when a controller is connected. This hand can be moved with your controller and any button press will press the hand down and activate the menu item it is hovering over.

Assigning Controls

Steering Control: To assign sticks or buttons to steer, simply touch the appropriate action button on the Options → Controls screen to highlight it. To assign a button, press that button on your controller. If you wish to assign a stick for steering, move your stick in the desired direction. When assigning sticks you should notice that the opposite control is immediately assigned. ie. assign a stick for steering left and the steering right control is automatically set for the same stick moving in the opposite direction.

Laser Aiming Control: Trench Racer allows you some control over the aiming of your main laser weapon. Assignment of sticks or buttons for laser aiming is as for steering. When using a stick to aim, as you fire the laser its direction will be proportional to stick angle. We do not recommend using buttons, since this does not allow proper control.

Other controls: Only buttons can be assigned to other controls. Touch the appropriate action button on the Options → Controls screen to highlight it and press the button of your controller to assign it to that action.

Steering/Aiming Sensitivity

Move the steering sensitivity slider to the right to increase the rate at which your craft will move left and right when you press your controller button or relative to how far you move the control stick. Aiming sensitivity works similarly for aiming your laser weapon.

Steering/Aiming Non-Linearity

When using stick control an increased Non-Linearity setting will reduce the sensitivity around the center stick position.


Options → Screen allows you control over the placement and size of on screen buttons. The options button is always available as an alternative way to pause game play and exit to the options screen.

Weapon and in-game boost buttons are also shown for informative purposes.

Button Size: This slider controls the size of all the on screen buttons shown in game play.

Padding: Bottom and side padding sliders are available to control the distance between on screen buttons and the bottom and side of your screen.

Swap: Various swap buttons are available to swap the positions of on screen controls and allow you to move each button into which ever screen corner you would prefer.