Trench Racer: Help

Welcome to the help page for Trench Racer. Please use the side menu to navigate around the help sections.


Playing trench racer requires you to take care of both your crafts health and its energy reserves. Maintaining a high speed is crucial to reaching recharging stations before you run out of energy.

As your craft is damaged by weapon fire or collisions it will start to smoke. The more heavily damaged, the slower the craft will accelerate until your craft just stops and you fail the level.

Your craft always starts on a launch pad at the start of each level that recharges your craft and then launches you at full speed down the tunnel or trench.

Your crafts energy level is shown on the left of the screen. start gate Your crafts speed is shown near the bottom of the screen.

Once launched, battle your way down the trench or tunnel to reach the recharge beams before you run out of energy. Most levels end when you reach another launch pad that automatically docks your craft.

Some levels, normally every 10th level, require you to kill a boss ship before you complete the level.