Trench Racer: Help


Once you've completed level 1, the tutorial, you will navigate through a pre-game screen before playing the level. The pre-game screen is where you configure your craft and purchase upgrades and new craft. Purchases are made with coins earned by completing each level.

The top left corner displays the players name, total score and number of coins available. Touch the players name button, by default set to Player 1, to enter your name.


A single in game boost can be selected here to activate during game play. All in game boosts must first be purchased via the upgrades menu to make them available. Each activation during game play incurs extra cost.

At the start of the game, no in game boosts will be available. You shouldn't need them for some time and won't even be able to buy their upgrades until you've progressed through several levels.

Many of the in game boosts are only effective on certain levels. For example, the fire extinguisher is only useful on levels where Hellfire craft are laying fire mines in your path or Phoenix craft are firing fireballs at you.

When boosts are available, purchased via upgrades and selected under the Boost menu, a button will be provided on the game screen to activate the boost.

The cost of using a boost is only taken from your coins total when you move to the next level. You can try to complete a level using one boost, if that fails, you can try another boost to see if that is more helpful. You will only be charged the cost of the last boost used when you move to the next level.


Under the craft menu you can see the specifications of each craft and purchase new craft as they become available. A new craft usually becomes available every 10 levels, after you defeat a boss craft, but it does vary. You will not necessarily be able to afford the new craft as soon as it is available, but play more levels to build up your coins until you can buy the new craft.

It is possible to play a level with an older craft than any newly purchased ones, but since the newer craft will be faster and tougher, it is not recommended.


If you have purchased a craft then you will be able to change its color via this menu.


In game boosts must first be purchased here before you can use them in game play. Some weapon upgrades are also available here, for example, plasma balls can be upgraded to bouncing plasma balls that will bounce off trench or tunnel walls until they hit an enemy.